Pendampingan Pentingnya Strategi dalam Meningkatkan Minat Nasabah terhadap Investasi Saham di Surabaya

  • Veronika Nugraheni Sri Lestari Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Dr.Soetomo, Surabaya
  • Dwi Cahyono Fakultas Teknik Informatika, Universitas Dr. Soetomo, Surabaya
  • Nila Romatal Azah Universitas Dr. Soetomo Surabaya
  • Devy Mei Ariyanti Universitas Dr. Soetomo Surabaya
Keywords: Customers, capital markets, stock exchanges, bonds and investors


Capital markets are often interpreted as a market for a long-term financial instrument (securities) (its maturity is more than 1 year). In addition to that understanding, the capital market is also often associated as a place for the transaction of the party that needs funds (the company) and the Excess party (financier). The initial step of Sharia capital market developments in Indonesia began with the issuance of sharia funds on 25 June 1997 followed by the issuance of sharia bonds at the end of 2002, followed by the presence of the Jakarta Islamic Index (JII) in July 2000. The marketable securities traded on the stock exchange include stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Marketable securities are often referred to as ' financial instruments ' or ' securities ' or ' Sekuritas ' (Securities Act No. 8 year 1995 defines the capital market as "the activities concerned with public offerings and securities trading, public companies relating to securities, published, as well as institutions and professions relating to the securities". The capital market acts as a liaison between investors and companies or government institutions through the long-term trading of financial instruments. In an effort to support the realization of the Indonesian capital market to become a resilient and global economic driver of the national economy as stated in the Indonesian capital market blueprint, it needs to be done continuously to improve and expand the capital market infrastructure towards the better direction.


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