Pendampingan Pembiasaan Penerapan Protocol Kesehatan Pencegahan Penyebaran Covid-19 pada Santri di TPA Al-Khodijah Desa Katerban Kecamatan Baron Kabupaten Nganjuk

  • M. Munir STAIDA Nganjuk
Keywords: Mentoring, Implementation, Health Protocol, Covid-19


The development of existing situations and conditions to date, forcing humans to further limit socialization with other human beings, including in the learning process, in this case including activities in the Qur'an Education Park.  The existence of the Covid-19 pandemic is a lack of freedom in socializing, this is certainly very disruptive to the continuity of community activities that ultimately from the authorities themselves give permission to socialize with certain conditions, among others are 3 M, which is included in this policy of educational activities in TPQ and other social religious activities. Through community service activities carried out using asset-based approaches, it is expected that it will bring a positive impact to learners in implementing 3 M as a standard for covid-19 prevention as determined by the government. Through the process of planning, organizing, implementing, and evaluating the assistance that has been done, obtained good results, this is evidenced by the participation of the village government by providing assistance in the form of masks to help the program, the students have understood the importance of 3 AD and practiced it with the guidance of the team.  From the results of the assistance that has been done, it is hoped that the continuation of the program by TPQ itself by continuing to implement the program, and even developed for the better.


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