Pemberdayaan Masjid Mubarok Dusun Pulorejo Desa Wates Kecamatan Tanjunganom Kabupaten Nganjuk

  • Kusnul Kholik Prodi AS STAIDA Nganjuk
Keywords: Empowerment, Mosque


Mosque is the center of activities of Muslims in all fields, where its existence is very urgent for all aspects of life. This happened since the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW as the first foundation of Islamic teachings in the world. The existence of Mubarok Mosque in the village of Wates Tanjunganom district nganjuk district that has existed since 2009 has been felt by the surrounding community, but until now its role and function has not been maximal, this is because there is no management that mngelola specifically, which in other terms takmir mosque. On the other hand, if you look at the potential, many children are still learning the Qur'an outside the village, although in fact the location, facilities and infrastructure in the Mosque allow to organize it themselves. Through assistance using ABCD method, the service team from STAIDA Krempyang Nganjuk, carried out the empowerment assistance of Mubarok Mosque. Through structured stages, mentoring obtains support from residents, community leaders and village governments. This is evident in the assistance of facilities for the purposes of establishing a learning park al-Qur'an and socialization activities of the Mosque organization. Through a simple but meaningful process, the mentoring team managed to control the process of establishing the Qur'an Learning Park and arranging the management of Takmir Masjid Mubarok. As a follow-up to this devotion, based on an agreement with adjoining partners, the team is still accompanying the activities carried out at the Mosque. From this, the team concluded that in fact the potentials in society are very much, especially with regard to religious social activities, all of them need touch and movement of care and our thinking to participate in the development of society


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