Pemberdayaan Masyarakat melalui Pelatihan Pembuatan Masker dan Hand Sanitizer di Lingkungan Gambirejo RT 02 RW 03 Kelurahan Warujayeng Kecamatan Tanjunganom Kabupaten Nganjuk

  • Mohamad Mustafid Hamdi STAIDA Nganjuk
Keywords: Community Empowerment, Training, Masks, Handsanitiser


Community service in college is an inevitability, because it is part of the tri dharma of higher education. The STAI Darussalam Nganjuk community service team carried out community service activities in the midst of community conditions in the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic. This service was carried out by 2 lecturers with 5 students consisting of Islamic Education Management study program and Ahwal al-Syakhsiyyah. The potential of Gambirejo RT 02 RW 03 Warujayeng Tanjunganom Nganjuk community is very diverse, among others, is the attitude and nature of independence and prioritizes cohesiveness and togetherness. With the ABCD approach, the implementation of mentoring is carried out in the form of handsanitizer and mask making training. In its process, the stages of implementation of management-based programs that implement the management functions of Planing, Organizing, Akctuating and Controling. With the background of the community that is still thick with rural traditions, the existing potentials are utilized and help the smooth running of existing programs. In the process, this program is carried out through stages, namely the provision of pre-test, basic knowledge, practicum and post test. The final result of mentoring shows the changes and expectations of the community side by side. The results of the program showed the existence of knowledge, mask making skills and handsanitizer and a passion to develop into a product that can help the family economy.  From here, at the end of the program the team held RTL with the community side by side, and resulted in the follow-up of the program periodically according to the agreement


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