Manajemen Informasi-Komunikasi pada Pesantren dan Madrasah Diniyah

  • Maratush Sholikhah


As an educational institution, pesantren existed in the community before the formal school system was introduced in Indonesia. The pesantren was once the only educational institution owned by the indigenous community that made a huge contribution in shaping the community. Between pesantren and the surrounding community, especially the village community there has been a harmonious interaction, even their involvement is quite large in establishing pesantren.

Madrasah diniyah develops from the traditional pesantren system. In madrasa diniyah, students have been grouped according to their level, so that the material of religious knowledge taught is also different in level. However, in practice, many madrasa diniyah are often found which are still simple, both in terms of organizational structure, teaching, and teaching staff.

The application and comprehensive understanding of Information-Communication management in pesantren and madarasah diniyah educational institutions is very urgent and when this is successful, the results of the educational objectives will be realized


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