Aspek Politik, Sosial dan Budaya dalam Pendidikan Islam

  • Sholihin S SMKN 1 Jombang
Keywords: society participation,, Islamic educational institution


Educational institutions hope society participation. This is the a community based management application concept which is in accordance with Islamic concept that emphasizes parent’s responsibility towards their children’s education. Islamic education institutions’ progress is determined by their ability in establishing cooperation with the community in a fact. This condition is because of the support of system changes from centralization to decentralization and regional autonomy. This shows that education from social aspect is regarded as one of social construction or created by social interaction between school residents and community. Another support is the relationship of educational goals, curriculum, teaching and learning process, and other educational components. Meanwhile, the cutural aspect in Islamic education can be implemented in educational vision, mission, goals, curriculum, teaching and learning programs, management, academic atmosphere and multicultural education. This is appropriate with pluralistic Indonesian society, both cultural, ethnic, social, political, economic stratification and so on. This article discusses about politic, social, cultural aspects related to Islamic education, such as; the importance of community empowerment, community-based management in facing the future, mobilizing the participation of parents and the community, and the role of education council and school committee in improving the quality of Islamic education.

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