Pencatatan Perkawinan Perspektif Maqashid Al-Syari’ah

  • Afiful huda
Keywords: marriage registration,, maqâshid al-syarî’ah


This article reviews about register as a need and interest for a marriage. This study is maqâshid al-syarî’ah perspective, explains that marriage registration is important for married couples because their marital status can be recognized by the state. The marriage registration is crucial in maintaining their rights to obtain inheritance when one of them dies (hifdz al-mâl), in maintaining descent (hifdz al-nasl), because the children born from the marriage is clearly defined. The aims of Islamic law according to scholars are worship group, discussing cultural issues related directly between humans and their God; Mu'amalah Dunyawiyah group who restates on goodness. The general purpose of recite are three, they are shari'a deals with primary human needs (maqâshid al-dharūriyat). shari'a deals with secondary human needs (maqâshid al-hâjiyât) and deals with complementary human needs (maqâshid al-tahsîni).

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