• Siti Maryam Qurotul Aini STAI Darussalam Krempyang Nganjuk


Ibrahim Hosen enlivens the dynamics of fiqh thought in Indonesia with his thoughts that sometimes reap controversy. The cleric, who during his lifetime was chairman of the MUI, has fiqh thoughts both in the methodological and practical realms. Methodologically, Ibrahim Hosen offers several concepts, including "favoring the law of qath'i". Ibrahim Hosen's idea of fiqhing qath'i law is one of the steps he offers to reform Islamic law (in response to Munawir Syadzali's idea of re-actualizing Islamic law). In the realm of applied fiqh, Ibrahim Hosen once shocked the public with his fiqh opinion about the porkas and SDSB at that time which he said was not the same as maisir or gambling so it was not forbidden in Islamic law. However, the presence of Ibrahim Hosen's fiqh thought brings freshness to the dynamics of Islamic legal thought in Indonesia that needs to be appreciated.

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