• M Munir
  • Idam Mustofa STAI Darussalam Nganjuk


This article is the result of field research on student management in the admission of new students at TPQ Al-Hidayah Cengkok Ngronggot Nganjuk. This study resulted in conclusions, including: (a) Student management held at TPQ Al-Hidayah was good through elements of management, namely planning, implementation, organizing and controlling which are routinely carried out every year. (b) Admission of new students at TPQ Al-Hidayah is based on benchmark criteria and using a promotion system. The steps taken in implementing the acceptance of new students include: carrying out the carnival in the context of promotion, forming a committee, conducting deliberation regarding the acceptance of new students, determining the registration requirements of prospective students, preparing payment forms and receipts, determining the time of registration, selecting prospective students in determining the class, determining the accepted candidates and the assigned class division, recording in the TPQ Al-Hidayah master book. (c) Student management in accepting new students at TPQ Al-hidayah has been going well, starting from the planning process through teacher deliberations regarding students who have reached the age and those who have not, then the implementation process regarding students who reach the age includes: selection, class grouping , recording in the master book. For those who have not reached the age include: grouping, setting the learning process (determination of learning materials, discipline), extra-curricular activities, grade promotion, recording in the main book. Organizing activities are carried out by appointing senior teachers and SP teachers as managers and processes controlling is carried out by the PMB committee assisted by SP teachers and senior teachers. With the implementation of the above activities well, TPQ is able to add new students and the community is happy because their children's needs for learning are met. So that in this case it is able to maintain good relations between the institution and the community. This is very important for the continuity of the implementation of activities at TPQ Al-Hidayah.

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