• Fitrotin Jamilah
Keywords: Career woman, harmony, family.


From the results of research on the role of career women in family harmony, women who act as career women and housewives are called dual roles. The dual role often experienced by women in research, on average, apart from being a housewife is working outside the home, work outside the home is usually done by women from morning to evening and even at night. There are some who become entrepreneurs, farmers and a small number become employees in an institution. Apart from working outside the home, women are also required to take care of their household life, which sometimes some women cannot divide their time between work and household which causes the level of harmony in the household to decrease. This type of research uses descriptive qualitative methods, which is a problem formulation that combines researchers to combine and or take pictures of social situations that will be studied thoroughly, broadly and deeply. Data collection techniques using methods: interviews, observation and literature study. The results showed that the problems faced when someone decides to live a household life is an economic problem. With the equality of women being allowed to work, here women also help their husbands to improve the family economy. In order to maintain harmony in the family, working women must not forget their role, namely being housewives as well as mothers for their children. The wife can be the boss outside the home but she still understands at home. And when women work, they must also fulfill their obligations as a mother, where the mother is the first school for her child.


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