• Fitrotin Jamilah
Keywords: Josep Schacht, Islamic Law, Critical Studies


In the beginning, orientalists always studied all eastern knowledge. They never limit themselves to studying Islam and its trinkets. Their goal is to do a domination and take back the eastern world. So over time in the next period they studied the Qur'an and al-Hadith as the focus of their study in order to kill the eastern world which is identical to Islam. The reason is that they admit that the power of the Islamic world lies in the sources of Islamic teachings, namely the Qur'an and al-Hadith. This paper examines the thought of Islamic law from the perspective of Josep Schacht. Josep Schacht in studying Islamic law focuses more on the second source of Islamic law, namely al-hadith by using a historical-sociological approach. Josep Schacht offered that Islam could not only be understood as a set of revealed norms. But as a historical phenomenon related to the social setting where the source of Islamic law came. He also does not admit that the hadith is one of the sources of Islamic law. Of course, all of that cannot be separated from several theories put forward by Joseph Schacht to examine the prophet's hadith taken from fiqh books. All of Schacht's ideas about Islamic law brought discussion and criticism from both westerners and easterners.


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