Studi Perspektif Agama Hindu, Buddha, Konghucu, Kristen & Islam)

  • M. Burhanuddin Ubaidillah
  • Aisah Aisah


After the era of globalization and information technology spread throughout the world, homosexuals or LGBT people developed in Indonesia, which has a Muslim majority population. The systematic spread of Homosexual or LGBT cannot be separated from foreign conspiracies to obscure the personality of a nation and draw it into a global cultural vortex that is built on a secular outlook on life. In essence, the purpose of marriage is to preserve offspring. Homosexuality or same-sex marriage will certainly not be able to produce offspring and even have an impact on the emergence of various problems in Indonesia ranging from reducing birth rates, disease problems, and social problems as well as cracking the integrity of the nation. This article is focused on the study of the Current Interfaith Homosexual & LGBT Phenomenon in Indonesia. Starting with the early history of the emergence of homosexuality, the Present Homosexual & LGBT Phenomenon in the Perspective of Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity & Islam along with the arguments and arguments of each religion in Indonesia. The purpose of this article is to analyze homosexual behavior that is growing in Indonesia, even openly admitting homosexual or LGBT activities and fighting for the acceptance of same-sex marriage from the perspective of Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity & Islam. With the hope that it can be a treasure contribution to controlling the pros and cons that occur between activists, practitioners, experts, and religious organizations, even at the level of the constitution and legislation.


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